School?  Church?  Professional?  Social Group? You name it...I welcome the opportunity to share the message of scattered brilliance and LO.VE.

Small groups (say less than 20 people) are my jam because there is more personal interaction, but speaking with larger groups has its perks too.

The one thing you need to know upfront, however, I am not "business as usual."  If you invite me in to speak, be prepared to move and think with fun activities that connect the content with your mind, body, and soul.

Possible Speaking Topics

I can speak for as little as 10 minutes...up to all- or multiple-day training!  You tell me your parameters and I will adjust to fit your needs. I am open to in-person or virtual opportunities.

If a topic below doesn't quite fit your need, please contact me to start a conversation to see how I can serve your needs.

Topics for Schools

  • Motivation Issues? How Understanding Scattered Brilliance and Increase Motivation
  • Everyday Discipline Problems Dragging You Down?  Learn to Celebrate the Individual and Shift the Trajectory 
  • Differentiation and Scattered Brilliance Go Hand-in-Hand: Learn to Reach Every Child

Topics for Church Groups or Retreats

  • Is Status-Quo Bogging Your Down?  Become a Reluctant Rebel for God!
  • Recognizing the Scattered Brilliance in Your Congregation
  • LO.VE. like Jesus

Topics for Professional Groups or Social Groups

  • Showing up to LO.VE. Every Day
  • What LO.VE. Looks Like in a Community
  • Working with Scattered Brilliance: How Do I Manage It?

Ready to find out more?

Drop me a line today to start the conversation about your speaking engagement!


Or...if you are local to northeastern Nevada

You can find me serving on the 3rd and 4th Sundays of each month at the Wells Community Presbyterian Church.

The service starts at 10:00 am.  After the service, enjoy some delicious light refreshments with a fun group of people.

It would be amazing to have you join this small, but mighty, congregation for worship on a Sunday!

Address:  347 6th Street, Wells, Nevada.