My Book

Tall stack

Humans can be represented by particles of awesome light that emit a brilliance of physical stature, thought, and ability.  When all humans are considered together, they create something called “scattered brilliance.”  Humans were not designed to be clumped brilliance, like a laser, all of us alike and focused on one point.  Instead, we were created to be scattered, like light illuminating an entire baseball stadium.  Imagine if each of us understood and celebrated individual brilliance, oh how this world would light up!  However, the problem is that most humans have yet to determine how to handle this scatter, so we created systems in the name of control.

The need to control is justified through a variety of well-intended reasons, such as to educate or to organize.  However, due to the control and the rigid nature of many systems, scattered brilliance is dulled.  This is not intentional; it is an unintended consequence.

You have experienced this unintended consequence and had some of your own brilliance squelched.  We all have.  The squelching of brilliance is not good for individuals or societies.  When we lose the unique brilliance of each human, we lose a lot.  New inventions do not come to life, songs are not written and played, art is not created, scientific discoveries are limited, books are not written, the list goes on and on.  The outcomes are as varied as the people experiencing them.  The impact of not recognizing scattered brilliance is great.  This is why reclaiming and celebrating scattered brilliance through evaluating and questioning the systems that dim scattered brilliance is so important.