Hank the Hope Bus


Hank the Hope Bus is a 2000 GMC retired school bus that my son and I renovated into a mobile office/adventure rig throughout 2020.  On January 1, 2021, Hank was put into service.

Why did Hank the Hope Bus come into existence?  For years and years, I dreamed of having a mobile office.  I love to be outside, but being outside is not always conducive to getting work done - especially on a computer.  The idea of a renovated school bus, which has lots of windows and a tall ceiling captured my imagination.

It was all a dream that felt far out of my reach due to cost and distance...until May 2020 when my son found a bus for sale just a few miles away from me in Elko!  It was a total "God-thing"...and Hank was born!  With the help of my son and husband, all the work was done in-house.  I am thankful for handy boys in my life!!

To date, Hank has served as my writing space and meeting space for friends.  The summer of 2021 he traversed 3,005 backroad miles on an extended road trip with my son.

Wonder what in the world and where in the world Hank the Hope Bus will do and be in 2022?

Hank Home
Hank inside
Joyful Journey Featured Image

Hank the Hope Bus adventures are on hold right now due to high fuel prices...but, as soon as we are rolling again on an epic adventure the moments will be captured here!