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New content will be added on Tuesdays.  Why?  Because alliteration makes me smile and "Tuesday Tibits" just makes sense to me for my current connections and considerations relevant to scattered brilliance (my book).

New content may also be added under the series of "Outside Guide" or "Sunday Musings".  Why?  Because life is convoluted and depends on my week; I wear a variety of hats that fill specific roles, and therefore my writing will reflect a variety of moments in time.  I do not fit in a box my book...therefore my blog is a bit messy and certainly not linear.

To help make it simpler for all, regardless of where new writing falls in regard to a series, new content will be here, ready for you to access!

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Sunday musings sample post
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Are you Living on Dim?

PRAYER:  Dear gracious yet mysterious God, settle our hearts, calm our bodies, and open our ears to hear the message you have for each being here today.  May we listen with expectant ...
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Word Helps: Comparison

I wonder how our lives may improve if instead of comparing, we let our quirky awesomeness shine for all the world to see? Updated website:
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Dutch Oven Cooking: Get the Coals Hot!

A Dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid usually made from cast iron.  Dutch oven cooking has been around for thousands of years, dating back to 4000 BC ...
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Places to Go: The Santa Rosa Mountains in Humboldt County, Nevada

A visual inspection of the northern Nevada hills quickly reveals trails galore to an untold number of destinations well beyond the beaten path.   We live in a state where All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) ...
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Stay Safe on the Water, Even When You are Fast and Loud

Did you know that boaters born after 1983 who have an engine greater than 15 horsepower must have a “Boaters Card”, earned by taking a 3-hour online course?   The Nevada Department of ...
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Stay Safe on the Water, Even if You are Slow and Low

Hard core boaters may be out year-round, but there are many who only come out when the sun is bright and the temperatures are high.  Having access to local reservoirs, lakes, and ...
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Thankful for the Open Space of Nevada

Living in rural Nevada affords us wide-open spaces, big vistas, and a relatively small population for all this space.  Having access to nature, in our yards, parks, and public lands is something ...
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Word Helps: Godliness

Does Christian jargon sometimes trip you up or cause you to become frustrated? If so, here is a short and simple video to help with that! By no means a deep theological ...
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Be Aware! Elevation Matters

One reason Nevada is such a spectacular state is because of the environmental variety that is housed within its 110,567 square miles.  Recognized as the Most Mountainous State, Nevada boasts 314 named ...
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